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The mere possession of a dog may be achieved by purchase, gift, or theft, and much pride, pleasure, and companionship may result from such possession. However, the thrill of achievement, the emotional satisfaction of the impulse to creat, cannot be achieved by the mere possession of a dog, no matter how excellent a one, that somebody else has bred. That joy is the breeder's.
   Just as the painter of a great picture, selling it to some parvenu, retains the emotional effect that arises from self-expression, so the breeder of a good dog, who sells his masterpiece , does not along with the dog sell the satisfaction and joy of having bred him.
  Taken from "Kyle Onstott book, The Art Of Breeding Better Dogs


 We're proud of our dogs and what we produce! These are all pictures of some of the Champions we've bred and finished.


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Multi BIS Ch. Bi-Mar Sundance Kid

Multi BIS Ch. Bi-Mar Sundance Kid

Ch. Bi-Mar Sunny's Eclipse

Ch. Bi-Mar's Untouchable

Ch. Bi-Mar's Grasshopper

Ch. Bi-Mar's All That Jazz

Ch. Bi-Mar Sunny's Phantom

Ch. Bi-Mar Sunny's Supreme

Ch. Bi-Mar Sunny's Image

Ch. Bi-Mar's Country Jazz

Ch. Bi-Mar's Amazing Grace Red Baron

Ch. Bi-Mar Sunny's Masterpiece

Ch. Bi-Mar's Bing Bang Boom

Ch. Bi-Mar's Jazzing It Up